Monday, June 29, 2009

Feeling better!

I have to say that getting the mail these days is pretty fun (even though I secretly hope for a few declines still)! Today we didn't get any responses, but...we did get 2 presents today! Soo exciting! We got a gift card to Crate & Barrel of my most coveted items...a piece of Le Creuset cookware!
Isn't it pretty?!? I *love* the color :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Overwhelmed... (updated 7/6)

Ugh...this last week I feel like everything has hit me all at once. I feel like I've been in a bad mood and I haven't been able to figure out why...well today...I figured it out. I feel so very overwhelmed with the amount of people that are coming and with the amount of (little) things that still need to be done. I go to the mailbox each afternoon to get the mail and have been so excited to see so many people are coming, but now, I feel myself hoping for a few NOs! How terrible is that?? Ugh...terrible! It's not that I don't want our friends and family to be there, it just seems to compound the feelings of guilt for spending all this money on one party and one day. Then there's also the fact that I'm tired of making decisions and tired of having to defend my opinion or argue for what we want on our day. I have actually said to my mother and Mr. G's mother...whatever you want...(sigh)

In an effort to tackle the projects that I have left to do, here is my list of things that can be done now:
  • finish lottery ticket favors
  • finish matches
  • finalize table songs - DONE
  • design seating chart - DONE
  • purchase guest book pens - DONE
  • print and mount directions signs
  • print and mount reserved signs DONE, guest book sign DONE and bar menus
  • finalize timeline with photographer
  • make hanging monogram for sweetheart table - SUPPLIES ARE PURCHASED
  • finish photo share cards
  • figure out out of town bags and write letter for them - ELIMINATED

To be done once we have final guest count:

  • arrange seating
  • print and mount table numbers with chosen songs
  • finalize seating chart
  • put together kids' favors - DONE
  • create detailed schedule for the wedding week and weekend

I'm sure there is plenty that I'm forgetting but I'll get there! Thanks for listening!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dreaming of this...

So after reading a post awhile back from Stinkerpants Favorite Things I have been dreaming of the Clarisonic Skincare System! So imagine my happiness when I came across this post by Things Moms Like this morning! They are giving away one of these babies and...fingers crossed...I hope I's a long shot, but worth a try right? Check it out! Maybe you'll win instead of me...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Few Gifts

I have been "organizing" the chaos that is my guest/wedding room today. I realized that I haven't blogged about gifts that I've bought so far. Of course, I can't share my bridesmaid's gifts just yet because they all read this! But...I do have part of my flowergirl's gift and something small for the mothers.

I got my flowergirl an American Girl "Just Like You" doll. She will even have a replica of the flowergirl's dress! I can't wait to give this to her...

For each of the mothers, I purchased a hankie with our wedding date on it.

Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Groom

And of course...I had to get one for myself with my new monogram...and's not a brand of beer! (That was the first thing Mr. G said...)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Table Numbers?

OK...ladies out there...I need your opinions! I cannot decide on which table number design to use! I took pictures of both designs with our favors in front of them...which one do you think??

Without the names...

Or with the names?

A Rant and some DIY

I am finally done with school for the summer and what a relief it is to know that, yes, I DO have a job next year! Whoo! Now I can focus on wedding preparations and the countdown that is looming inside my head! 53 more days...

Mr. G is out of town this week so I am left to lounge around (without feeling guilty) and really get a start on the projects that I have been saving for summer vacation.

First I should tell you that our invitations went out exactly one week ago and I have been squeeling to the mailbox every day since then! We already have a stack of RSVP cards returned and I'm so excited! PEOPLE ARE COMING TO MY WEDDING! I have also been quite disappointed in people...don't you know how to fill out the response card? You write your name on the line that looks like this: "M____________________________" How hard is that? Apparently, it's hard for some people...this is my favorite...

If you can't read it, it says "Be there or be Square!!! Love ya...." WTF?!?!? At least it had something on it...we got another one that had nothing on it...just a check mark! Ahh...people...PUT YOUR NAME ON IT FOR GOD'S SAKE!

Ok...rant over...moving on...

My next project to tackle is the timeline. Which, honestly, drives me insane! It changes like every day when I decide that we need more time for this or that. I have come to a rough outline that I feel comfortable handing out to our bridal party...I even made it cute!

One for the girls

One for the boys

And the two together (with my new cute placemats!)

Any tips for timeline? Anything you wish you had left more time for?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Best shower EVER!

Seriously, words can't explain the lovliness that went on yesterday at the home of my Maid of Honor! I don't have many pictures as, of course, I was busy saying hello and talking to everyone who came to celebrate with me! But...I will refer you HERE where the ever popular Kelly J has her own post to document the event!

La, la, la...soo happy!