Sunday, August 29, 2010

How long gone?'s been awhile!  Lots has happened since I last blogged.  School started for both Mr. G and myself and of course once school starts!  Tomorrow begins the 3rd week of school and I'm really enjoying being back in my classroom with my kiddies (I have SUCH a good class this year), but it's so strange to me that I only have 12 weeks of work left before the time comes to go on maternity leave.  I'll be taking a good chunk of time off and it feels so strange to know that I won't be there for the entire school year.  Of course, my own child is more important and will always be more important, but it is such a bizarre feeling that I can't explain.  Hopefully I can get back to a normal posting routine!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Good to see you're back! Hope you'll post more often. It's so crazy to think you're almost there... seems like just yesterday you announced you were expecting :)