Saturday, January 24, 2009

Helllooo Loooverr!

My new obsession! I found these last weekend at Nordstrom and couldn't resist! They are almost the same color as my bridesmaid's dresses, but no one will ever notice they aren't perfect...right?? So, now I have two pairs of shoes...when will I wear them both...well, I'm not sure. I do know that these babies are pretty high and I probably won't be wearing them for very long! Oh well!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Invites and shoes are here!

Shoes are from and they are much more comfortable than I ever thought they would be. Not sure if I will keep them or not...I have my eye on some others but these were on clearance for only $30!

( Click on the pictures for a full-page version.)

I am in love with my invitations but not quite sure what to do about the RSVP card. What do you think about it? I feel like it looks a little busy...I'm not really sure what to do about it though because I want to have out of town bags for our guests at the hotels.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

So productive today!

I am impressed with how productive I have been today! I went out to Target and Michael's to look for some more wedding supplies. I bought a small paper cutter to have here at home for wedding projects. I do have one at school, but it is quite large and I decided I didn't want to cart it back and forth. I also bought some black cardstock and sitcky photo corners to test out my table number designs. More on those later...

The last thing that I did today, was finally iron my tanks that I bought. Sooo cute! I love them!

I plan to work some more on the match boxes, but I need to find more of the boxes one carries these! I have been all over the place looking for them. I think I'll have to try Costco...

Tanks are from Old Navy $5 a piece on sale! The rhinestone iron-ons are from ebay seller zazasonestopbridalshop. I emailed her with the exact iron-ons that I wanted and she gave me a discount for buying as many as I did. I got 9 on them for $41. Sweet!

Matches and projects update!

So I finally got another color ink cartridge for my printer and was excited to get home and finish what I had started with my match boxes. I made a few more designs just to see which I like better and now I can't decide!
Microsoft Powerpoint
Xyron sticker machine with permanent adhesive cartridge (I may buy a laminate/adhesive cartridge to try that out too!)
Scissors (I also plan to bring my paper cutter home from school to finish this project.)
Cardstock to print onto
A package of Diamondbrands match boxes

1. I measured the box carefully and then cut piece of paper to actually see what fit on top of the box.
2. With measurements in hand, I opened powerpoint and created a rectangle with the exact measurements. After creating the rectangle, I played around with fonts, colors, and lines, etc.
3. Once I had my design, I printed it out onto cardstock and cute it carefully. (Like I said before, I will definitely be using my paper cutter instead of scissors for a more exact cut.)
4. I ran each of the cut out rectangles through the sticker machine and attached them to the top of the box.
Voila...the finished product! Should I use just one? Or all 3?

One more project with the sticker machine...

Mr. G and I plan to give out scratch-off lottery tickets as our favors. I have found the envelopes that I will place them in along with a penny for scratching, but I wanted to create a label for the outside of the envelope.



Cardstock (I think I may use regular paper or even a full sheet label paper)

Scrapbook 2.5" circle punch

Xyron Sticker machine (only if I use paper instead of the label paper)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Did my own make-up...

What do you think? I am considering doing my own make-up rather than hiring a make-up artist, but I am worried that I will be too nervous or not have enough time, etc!