Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The first "real" project

Mr. G is set on having a cigar bar at the reception. I am not a huge fan of cigars but I am appeasing him...

After having told him that this one is all on him if he really wants it, I thought it would be cute to have some personalized match books or boxes. I searched around for websites and found a great one www.foryourparty.com, but at $50 per 50 match boxes I wasn't impressed!

Back a square one...

Then, out of the blue, I start looking at my small little match box and thought "I could totally do this myself with my fab sticker machine!" Soooo...a few hours later I have come up with a design for the top of the box. I measured the top of the box and created a design in powerpoint. Printed that baby out and cut it carefully, ran it through the sticker machine and voila! A nice-looking, personalized match box! And it won't cost me $50 plus shipping!

I would have pictures, but I ran out of color ink and my camera is dead...shoot!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where to begin?

Well...in the last couple weeks since I last posted things have been super busy! I haven't accomplished a whole lot wedding related because of Christmas and such...but we did do a few things.

We tasted cake at Freeport Bakery and decided that it was much better tasting and almost $400 cheaper!! Where do I sign? Needless to say, we are going with this bakery rather than the first that we tasted.

All of our Christmas cards with save the dates were sent out, however, not without a few screaming matches with the printer...ugh! Let's just say that I thought printing labels would save me some time...yeah...not so much. I ended up having to buy twice as many packages of labels because the stupid things wouldn't print in the right place! I still have a few more save the dates to mail, but have yet to work up the patience for another fight with the printer...

I met with all the bridesmaids and saw each of them in their dress...yes, I even flew to Tucson for Brittney and Stephanie! There was a game of "musical dresses" as dresses were exchanged and others were tried on. In the end, 2 girls traded dresses and another returned hers and got a different style. The count...1 scoopneck, 2 strapless, and 4 halter. Poofiness to be fixed at a later date...

We recieved our first gifts off our Crate and Barrel registry! Mr. G's parents bought us 2 bowls, 2 square plates, and 2 wine glasses for Christmas. Soo exciting! I can't help but admit I was checking the list and saw that they had been purchased...I'm just glad to finally know who now!

I had a hair and make-up trial run today with a fabulous make-up artist. She came to my house and did me up right in the living room! I think I look great in the pictures, but a bit scary in real life...she's going to look for some different, more natural looking lashes for me to wear. Still not sure about my hair...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Check another off the list!

Save the dates and Christmas Cards are ordered! Brought to you by your friendly mail carrier shortly! :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let them eat cake! (and picture updates)

So we just tasted the cakes that I picked up tonight from the lovely John at Shelton's Wedding Cakes. We met with him last week and choose three different flavors to taste. We chose, chocolate cake with raspberry filling, lemon cake with lemon filling, white cake with chocolate mousse filling. Tonight we invited the parents over for chinese food and wedding cake...best combination ever!

Bridesmaid dresses from the fabulous JCrew:

And finally...my garters...a surprise for Mr. G. (Orange and blue are the colors of the high school where he coaches.)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Done and Done!

After having a full week off from work, I have been rather productive.

1. We finally got to look at our engagement pictures on pictage! Whoo Hoo! LOVE them and can't wait to use them for the many projects that I have in mind. (photobook guest book, Christmas cards, save-the-date magnets, possibly table number cards?)

2. We met with a fabulous man at Shelton's Wedding Cakes and were able to pick three flavros of cake for him to make for us. I will be picking up 3 mini cakes on Wednesday for us to sample at home. As long as the cake is tasty, we will most likely go with him. I think we'll still taste a few others...just for fun!

3. I was able to get Mr. G to Crate & Barrel to register there. Whew! Let me just say...I love having a fiance who wants to be invloved, but seriously...its KITCHEN stuff! You aren't allowed to argue with me about something you're never going to use!

4. All of the bridesmaids have a dress either in their posession or on order. Yay to J Crew finally putting all the dresses on sale! Big check for that one off the list!

5. I have the invitation finalized and should have a printed mock-up in the mail in the next couple of days. I will definitely post pictures as soon as it arrives.

6. My garters (one to save and one to toss) arrived today from www.thegartermaker.net/. LOVE it! Another surprise for Mr. G. as the toss garter is orange and blue (his football team's colors) and the keep is ivory with a navy button and a letter G in orange. If my camera weren't out of batteries I would take a picture :(

Finally, I have bought the first of the gifts for the bridesmaids. I know you're all wondering what it could possibly be, but you're just going to have to wait...241 days to be exact ;) I have a few more things in mind and I will be buying them a few at a time as the months go on.

Happy December everyone!