Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Tales #5: Week 12

Overall Feelings:  Good!  I've been feeling really good for the past week or so, definitely not sick anymore, my appetite has returned and I haven't been nearly as tired...yay!  Now, don't let that fool you...I've still been taking my daily is summer vacation after all!

Food Cravings/Aversions:  Chocolate milkshakes!!!  I had to go buy plain chocolate ice cream so I could have one of these the other night.  I've also been loving all the summer fruits that are in the grocery stores finally...watermelon, strawberries, nectarines...oh my!  No aversions to food anymore although I feel like my taste buds have changed.  Funny story...I was making egg salad yesterday and grabbed what I thought was celery salt.  Turns out it was really cinnamon/sugar that I put in my eggs...eww.  Maybe I should read the labels instead of just relying on the color.  Don't worry, I smelled it right as I shook it out of the can and was able to salvage the egg salad!

Highlight(s) of the Week:  Since Mr. G has been out of town, he's been sending all kinds of messages to me, especially asking about the baby.  It made me smile to know that he's thinking about both of us. :-)

This week's picture...coincidentally, I happen to be wearing the same outfit...don't judge me...and don't judge the bad iPhone picture either!
I think I spy a little belly there!

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Mrs. Bear said...

Hey baby!! I see you!